Queanbeyan Aquatic Centre – Queanbeyan, NSW 2620

Queanbeyan got its name from an Aboriginal word for 'clear waters'. My experience in the pool Queanbeyan Aquatic Centre was really buzzing on the sunny Saturday morning we turned up in mid-October. The car park was nearly full, making us wonder if there’d even be a free lane in the outdoor pool here or whether we’d have to share our lanes. We needn’t have worried, though. It was the indoor pool that had the heaving mass of bodies in it, as the Nippers and the parents filled the Read more [...]

Taylors Point Baths – Clareville, NSW 2107

Taylor was an early settler at a time when only access to the area was by boat. My experience in the pool OK let’s get the confession out of the way, first: I didn’t actually swim in Taylors Point Baths near Clareville on Pittwater. I did get into the water – upto my knees – and waded for a while, so it does count in my book for an exercise which is more to do with mapping the pools and checking they exist still rather than me trying to do any number of laps or even get my head Read more [...]

Dawn Fraser Baths – Balmain, NSW 2041

Dawn Fraser was apparently 'discovered' in these baths at the age of 13 My experience in the pool I finally made it to the iconic Dawn Fraser Baths in Balmain for my first swim back in the salt water of the harbour since June. They reckoned the water temperature was 20C but I think they need to check their gauge because I could feel that zingy icy feeling on my baldness - a sure sign that the water is a good bit less than 20C and a cue for me to get out of the water much sooner than I would Read more [...]

Katoomba Aquatic Centre – Katoomba, NSW 2780

Katoomba takes its name from a nearby waterfall in the Blue Mountains. My experience in the pool It started drizzling and the temperature gauge dropped to 9C as we parked up at Katoomba Sports & Aquatic Centre on Saturday morning. This was 1 October and the first day of opening for the ‘summer’ season for Katoomba outdoor pool. Minor things such as inclement weather weren’t about to stop the pool opening on schedule or me getting in there for a dip. I did have a moment’s hesitation Read more [...]

Hawkesbury Oasis Aquatic Centre – South Windsor, NSW 2756

My experience in the pool The outdoor Olympic Pool at Hawkesbury Oasis Aquatic Centre in South Windsor only opened for the season last weekend, so the guy in the changing room before I got into the water itself warned me it was a bit chilly, but at 25C it was more than enough for me and certainly warmer than my swim last week! It was a perfect day for a swim, in bright sunshine but at that time of year when the sun still isn't at its burning height of intensity. And in this pool, you'd Read more [...]

Dick Caine Olympic Pool – Carss Park, NSW 2221

Named after the swimming coach and pool owner for 50+ years My experience in the pool I don't think Dick Caine's War Memorial Olympic Pool at Carss Park can have changed much in the last 40 years or more. Some might find the place tired and a bit frayed at the edges, but I liked it and the amateur social historian in me found it fascinating. The first thing you see as you enter the complex is Elvis Presley. Dick, it seems, is a big fan and as with many followers of Elvis, it's all a Read more [...]

Gosford Olympic Pool – Gosford, NSW 2250

Named after an Earl's estate in County Armagh My experience in the pool It's that time of year in Australia when you need to get to your swimming destination in good time to beat the class-loads of kids arriving for their spring and summer term swimming squads and comps. At Gosford Swimming Pool, I just made it before coach loads of teenagers arrived looking efficient with stop watches and tote bags, and I guess they were about to take over at least half the Olympic Pool here, but I had Read more [...]