About the Ocean Pools NSW website

The main aim of this website is to map the wonderful rock pools, ocean pools and other tidal swimming areas that are so well preserved up and down the NSW coast. The idea is to include practical details on how to get to the pools, how easy it is to get in the water and where you can get changed before or after your swim. There will be a little bit of history to each pool – and I’d love to see stories added by others who have swum in them over the decades – and there will be a blog of my own experiences as I swim in them all, one by one.

There will also be tips for where to go after your swim for good coffee or tea, with signposts for the nearest place you can even get just a can of coke or a milkshake. And since I’m a lover of outdoor swimming in general, I have extended the site to include some great outdoor swimming pools dotted around the state, though there are so many I can never hope to visit them all!