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Birrong Leisure Centre – NSW 2143

Aboriginal word meaning star. My experience in the pool After my unsuccessful attempt to swim in Enfield Olympic Pool last week (closed till October), I was pleased to get back into the water at Birrong Leisure Centre's wonderful Olympic Pool, which stays open all year round. This pool is either a fairly modern build (maybe 1960s or 1970s judging by the architecture of the entrance) or has undergone some major facelift in recent years (or maybe both), with its Spray Park something Read more [...]

Watsons Bay Baths – Watsons Bay, NSW 2030

The bay is named after an early 19th century harbour pilot and harbour master My experience in the pool Wow, lap swimming in proper Sydney Harbour water with views of the Harbour Bridge just out on the horizon. What a nice spot, Watsons Bay Baths. This is a great space. It's all very securely shark-netted, it has a 50m laned section, disabled ramp and pontoons to sunbathe on or pause and hold on if you want to catch your brief between laps. On a warm March morning, there was a trickle Read more [...]

Shelly Beach Rock Pool – NSW 2230

Home of the Brass Monkeys My experience in the pool I don’t normally swim on cloudy days while I’m blogging, not because I have some aversion to cloud cover – I’m used to it being from East Yorkshire, and it’s probably safer here in Australia - but because ocean pools really are only at their best with blue skies, blue water and a sprinkling of white from the surf. There was none of those at Shelly Beach Rock Pool when I pitched up on an early December morning, but that clearly Read more [...]