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Shelly Beach Rock Pool – NSW 2230

Home of the Brass Monkeys My experience in the pool I don’t normally swim on cloudy days while I’m blogging, not because I have some aversion to cloud cover – I’m used to it being from East Yorkshire, and it’s probably safer here in Australia - but because ocean pools really are only at their best with blue skies, blue water and a sprinkling of white from the surf. There was none of those at Shelly Beach Rock Pool when I pitched up on an early December morning, but that clearly Read more [...]

Oak Park Rock Pool at Glaisher Point – NSW 2230

Area known locally as ‘Sandshoes’ My experience in the pool The swim at Oak Park Rock Pool was a bit of a spontaneous act on our way home after aborting a planned dip in a beach up the Central Coast. It had been too grey and miserable those few miles further north and it made me realise how important sun and blue sky (and water) is to making these pools irresistible. By the time we were swinging by Cronulla heading south, the sun was out, so we just said to each other: ‘shall we?’, Read more [...]