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Aerial photos of NSW ocean pools

I love it when people get in touch to let me know about similar projects to mine, or even to tell me about others who love ocean pools, but approach them from a different angle. At the weekend, I heard about Nicole Larkin, who has both literally and metaphorically looked at the NSW ocean pools from a different angle. She has taken aerial photos of all of them, and included some of the disused ones I didn't venture into. Have a look at this link to her website where you'll find all the photos, Read more [...]

Aslings Beach Rock Pool – Eden, NSW 2551

My experience in the pool A swim among the fish in the clear waters of Aslings Beach Rock Pool at Eden started our day off perfectly, with an audience of black crabs looking on from every wall and crevice along the sides of the pool. This must be one of my favourite ocean pools yet, for the setting as much as the pool itself. As NSW ocean pools go, Aslings Beach rock pool is a relative newbie, having been built only in the 1960s. It doesn’t always get the best reviews, either from locals Read more [...]

Mollymook Bogey Hole – Mollymook, NSW 2539

Possibly named after a type of albatross: the mollymawk My experience in the pool It took several visits to Mollymook Bogey Hole before I actually got in the water. This was partly because I did a reccie of the area after swimming in the ocean pool at nearby Ulladulla some months ago, and had no plan to strip off for a second time that day. But also because if you want to swim at Mollymook Bogey Hole, you have to get the tide right. Don’t bother going at low tide because the water Read more [...]

Bilgola Rock Pool – Bilgola, NSW 2107

Named after an Aboriginal term meaning 'swirling waters'. My experience in the pool For one of the swimmers who contacted me since I began this tour of NSW ocean pools, Bilgola Rock Pool is the best. So I was keen to see what made her make this claim. The pool was a lot busier for a weekday morning than any other I have been in, so Bilgola certainly has a sizeable fan base, and most of those I chatted with made the same claim: it's got to be the best rock pool in Sydney, they all said. It Read more [...]