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Balmoral Baths – Balmoral, NSW 2088

Named after the Royal Estate in Scotland My experience in the pool Apparently Balmoral Beach was my family's favourite when we lived in Sydney's northern suburbs in 1967-8. When I got there on a warm Friday morning in March 2016, I have to confess I had no recollection of the place. A whole bunch of people were doing leisurely freestyle up the beach when I arrived, and I passed the time with a few of them. They seemed more interested in the fact that I now live in Kiama since we had Read more [...]

North Narrabeen Rock Pool, NSW 2101

Narrabeen beach gets a mention in a Beach Boys song… My experience in the pool North Narrabeen rock pool is something of an icon among Sydney's regular rock pool swimmers, and it's easy to see why. The 50m laned pool is separated from the rest of the pool area by a wooden boardwalk which has apparently been there since the pool was built in the 1930s. I think you can swim under the boardwalk to get from the general swimming area to the main pool, though nobody seemed to be doing that Read more [...]