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ABC Open catches up with Ocean Pools NSW


A journalist from the ABC Open channel joined me the other day at Coledale Rock Pool.

ABC Open bills itself as for “real stories made by real people from all around Australia”. I think the idea is to connect with local communities across the country, often with citizens’ journalism, but in this case with a pro reporter catching up with someone like me, who is tapping into local communities via their swimming pools and coffee shops.

The result of a very pleasant morning at my favourite Illawarra ocean pool was posted on the ABC Open website and subsequently picked up by ABC Illawarra on their Facebook page.

It comprises a brief article outlining the aims of my project with this website and a 3-minute video of me back at Coledale Rock Pool.

It’s a fantastic piece, though I think I need to work on that crooked right arm in backstroke!

The link below gets you to the article on the ABC Open website


And here is the video alone on Vimeo. Thanks to Sean from the ABC for taking the time to join me in, on and by the water that day.

I rather like being known as ‘The Pool Guy’. One day, as I visit a new pool, I might even get the greeting: ‘Oh, here comes The Pool Guy’…

Of course, what I really want is that this piece results in me hearing from lots of locals from round all the pools I get to, telling me stories of their own memories from their days in the pool, recent or distant.

And thanks also to Catherine, the local lass who happened to be swimming at Coledale the day we turned up to film and brought a whole new story to me, which has now been added to the Coledale Rock Pool review on the site.

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