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Prize for artwork on Ocean Pools

There is a $1,000 prize up for grabs, organised by the people who run the excellent All Into Ocean Pools website.

Deadline for entries is 31 May, so only a few days left to get your favourite ocean pool painting or photo, or any other visual media, and submit it for the 2017 Sheridan Evans award.

I just submitted an entry which took less than two minutes to upload so if you share our love of ocean pools, or just have an image of your favourite, why not have a go?

Here’s details of who won in 2016. These were both real works of art rather than a photograph, but that shouldn’t put budding photographers off entering too.

And it’s not necessarily images of ocean pools in Australia. The blurb suggests the entries can cover any pool featured on their website. If your favourite ocean pool isn’t on the site, you’d better contact the guys who run All Into Ocean Pools (I can see a couple of UK ones I’d be looking to add…).

Finally, if writing is more your gig, note that the annual writing prize deadline has been shifted back to October, so more on that later.



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