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This Ocean Pools NSW website has so far been all about mapping the pools as I swim in them. By my reckoning, I still have over 30 ocean pools, harbour baths and other protected swimming enclosures to do before I finish that part of my quest.

My idea with this new blog is to broaden the scope of the website to include anything new happening around the pools, whether it be events people let me know about, exhibitions, works of art or other projects I hear of.

One of the things I love about discovering all these amazing swimming spots is dipping my toe briefly into the local communities that build up around each pool, as well as looking into old press clippings about them when they have hit the news for whatever reason, good or bad.

I’ve had lots of lovely comments from visitors to this site who have shared their own recollections from times gone by.

And sometimes I get to hear of specific events around one pool or other. The Oak Flats Outdoor Pool not far from where I live may not be an ocean pool, as such, but I enjoyed attending their 50th birthday party last year, especially for the fabulous cake baked in their honour…

I have also discovered that there is a community of pool lovers and swimming enthusiasts who share my love for all these spots, rather than just focusing on their one favourite pool.

One such enthusiast called Mary O’Connell produced a wonderful ocean pools calendar in 2016. Sadly, I don’t think she’s doing it again or I’d give her a plug on this new blog.

Another is an artist who is trying to paint every ocean pool up the NSW coast. As soon as she is exhibiting her work again, I will definitely blog about it here.

I recently heard from a photographer, who has some exciting ideas for future publications. I’ll be telling more of his story as it unfolds.

And taking the whole concept and passion beyond the boundaries of NSW, there is the All Into Ocean Pools association, which even organises art and writing awards – and I’ll write more about those too as deadlines approach for their entries in 2017.

So, if you have an idea of an upcoming event or celebration for your local pool, or you are involved in a project that involves multiple rock pools or ocean baths, get in touch and we can see how this website might help publicity for it.

6 thoughts on “The Pool Community”

  1. Thinking of swimming in as many ocean pools as possible on a driving trip between Sydney and Melbourne by coast. Found your blog and it is great. Would love to follow it.

    1. Hi Jackie – Glad you found it useful. There should be an orange icon in the corner of the home page which you can click to get an alert when I post a new pool review. I want to do that same road trip one day. I haven’t been to Eden yet so don’t miss their rock pools, and do let me know what you find on the Victoria side.

  2. Simon

    Thanks for mentioning All into Ocean Pools Inc and its awards for writing and artworks about ocean pools.

    Please think about entering some of your own blog posts for the All into Ocean Pools Inc 2017 Pat Skinner Award for writing about ocean pools!

    1. Great to hear from you, Marie-Louise. What’s the deadline for the awards and how many awards are there in all? Happy to give them a plug here and on social media.

      I don’t think of any of my pool reviews as being exceptional writing – they just reflect my experiences and what I found out about the pools, but I have not been aiming at writing particularly well to be honest. Nor am I a photographer…

      If you had an award for websites, blogs or something more generic, then I’d love to enter

  3. I’m so pleased to have found your website. I swim regularly at Cardiff International Pool,UK. However my son has emigrated and now lives In Rockdale within walking distance of Brighton Beach. We have our flight booked for our visit at Christmas and so I can’t wait to try the ocean pool at Brighton Beach.

    Out of interest do you know the length of the Bondi Ocean pool.

    1. Has Cardiff got an outdoor pool now or is your nearest down at Portishead? Bondi Icebergs has a 50m pool plus a smaller training pool, but it costs to go in while most ocean pools are totally free of charge. Take a look at the map on this site, Terri, because there are quite a few netted enclosures down Botany Bay from Brighton downwards. I am still to swim in two of them but look for Ramsgate and Monterey as well as Brighton. Enjoy your visit!

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